Your Milk’s Journey

We are believers that milk is more enjoyable when you can sleep easy knowing where it came from. We want to introduce you to your cow, the farmer responsible for delivering the milk and provide transparency into how your milk was made & delivered to you.

Trust the origin of your milk. All product information is stored on Blockchain making it impossible to change.


Meet bessi, where your milk came from

Meet your cow, Bessi. Bessi was born on July 9th, 2016, stands 1.5 meters tall and weighs 680 kg. Bessi was happily raised on Prince Edward Island. After grazing, she enjoys caring for her loved ones and sunbathing.


Meet rachel, who squeezed your milk

Rachel was raised on a farm and has been working at ADL since 2012. Rachel has cared for farm animals since she was a child and believes cows raised with compassion produce better milk, which you can taste in every sip.



- Squeezed on January 24th, 6:32am

- Location: Prince Edward Island

- Non-GMO

- No synthetic pesticides or hormones



- Bottled on January 24th, 10:21am

- Location: Prince Edward Island

- No added or artificial flavors

- Facility contains no nuts, wheat or soy


cold storage

- Stored on January 24th, 12:18pm

- Location: Prince Edward Island

- 4.4 degrees Celsius, 40% humidity

- Shipped on January 25th, 9:48am