Blockchain Consulting & Blockchain Training


The ICO bubble is thankfully over, but the real value of Blockchain is now emerging. Blockchain technology has evolved with a rich, open-source community that have been contributing to new Blockchain capabilities over the last few years. 1872 has harnessed the power of these contributions, and has been one of the few companies that have developed a cloud-native platform for enterprise Blockchain applications to run with low-latency. With 1872, you can finally realize enterprise Blockchain data storage, so you can sleep easy with an immutable, fully transparent audit trail.


Blockchain Training

1872 has partnered with The Blockchain Training Alliance to deliver focused, curated Blockchain Training courses locally in Chicago, and virtually to technologists around the world. All training is done classroom style, with a maximum of 12 students and collaboration is paramount. This training will prepare you for certification by Pearson VUE, a credible technical testing source. 

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Blockchain consulting

1872 helps you understand the capabilities and limitations of enterprise Blockchain applications, and works with you down the path of deploying enterprise grade Blockchain solutions. We are the only company that has a cloud-native platform to quickly provision Blockchain applications and ingest large data sets so you can be up and running ahead of your competition.

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