blockchain Solution consulting

Much like our traditional software consulting, our Blockchain solution consulting can help you deliver an innovative product, for a fraction of the cost at what the large consulting companies would charge. 

  • Realize the power of fully transparent, immutable, decentralized records with Blockchain storage

  • Think you have to sacrifice speed or querying for Blockchain storage? Think again. We offer low-latency solutions for our enterprise-grade Blockchain applications with powerful querying capabilities.

  • Our solution is Byzantine Fault Tolerant. Up to one third of the nodes in the network can be experiencing arbitrary faults and the rest of the network will still come to consensus on the next block.

  • Cloud-native platform to ingest large, disparate data sets, including IoT data, right into your Blockchain application

  • Public, private or hybrid cloud

  • Decreased time-to-market with our pre-built platform to streamline the delivery of the roadmap we build together

  • Turn-key services offered

  • Post-implementation managed services is offered

  • Post-implementation training, staff augmentation or full-time recruitment offered if you prefer to manage the solution yourself moving forward

We love hearing about new Blockchain projects. drop us a line and we'll reach out within 24 hours to dive deeper into how we can help. 

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