Data Science, Machine Learning and AI

We've moved past traditional big data, and into the future with advanced predictive analytics. Today, with the technology available, data is the most valuable asset in the world. In today's world you not only need a data strategy, but a strategy to out-predict your competition so you can stay a step ahead. 1872 has the resources to help train your team, or get you the right consultants or full-time staff to move your data into the future.


data science Training

In many industries such as finance, it's a game of may the best scientists win. Regardless of the stakes, it's without question data science, machine learning and AI are changing the business landscape we operate in. Make sure your team is prepared to go to war with the best tools and skills by arming them with industry-leading data science skills. Our Python and R courses will provide a solid foundation to developing world-class statistical algorithms.

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data science consulting

Start your data science practice off properly by having 1872 analyze your current environment, and recommend a solution that is right for your environment. With so many options available, we'll recommend and implement a tech stack that will help you get the most out of data. We are open source champions and it's our goal to implement a cost-effective solution that will help you dominate your competition.

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