InstaCloud is a reference architecture to help companies get products to market faster, in a scalable and resilient fashion. With so many companies trying to ship software products, there are a limited number of cloud and DevOps professionals that can build the platforms to run the products and scale them in a way that’s essential for products to realize their full potential. So we’ve created InstaCloud to cut out the middle man between developers and customers.

The platform is fully automated, with self-healing infrastructure, to be able to run your applications efficiently in the cloud, at a very affordable price point. The platform is production ready with a click of your mouse, significantly improving speed-to-market and your bottom line. So as soon as you’re ready to start building applications, you can do so with confidence knowing InstaCloud will bring your application to life and scale it to the masses.

Blockchain use cases

Before InstaCloud, it has been challenging to deliver production-ready enterprise Blockchain applications. With InstaCloud, we can now get Blockchain products to market in a fraction of the time. 1872 has championed Blockchain use cases to be built on the InstaCloud platform and is currently working on projects related to:

  • Supply chain

    • Give consumers confidence in where the product is coming from by allowing them to scan a QR code to trace back the product journey on Blockchain

    • Improve your product data integrity by ensuring no product exists multiple places in the supply chain simultaneously

    • Improve analytics with more accurate supply chain data

  • Security

    • Create an immutable audit trail for physical security. Rest easily by knowing everyone who comes and goes is being stored on Blockchain

    • Improve data integrity by having immutable records. No bad actor can manipulate data that would be used for malicious reasons

Don’t have technical Blockchain talent in house? Not to worry, 1872 provides turn-key Blockchain development solutions to deliver enterprise grade products on the InstaCloud platform. 1872 will either manage the platform for you after the initial build is complete, or can help you find Blockchain talent to manage this platform yourself.

interested in discussing a use case of your own? reach out to us:

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