1872 recruiting & staff augmentation hypothesis

Times have changed. We started 1872 in 2015 after realizing larger IT recruiting and staff augmentation firms haven’t changed their best practices to adapt to modern times. We take a contrarian approach and have modernized our best practices which has propelled us to a best-in-class IT Recruiting & Staff Augmentation firm.

what we don’t do

  • Cold call candidates before sending them information about the position. Sadly, many of us have worked for recruiting firms in the past that encourage recruiters to call candidates regardless if they are a fit for the position, interested in the position, or worse: just to see what the candidate’s situation is looking like even though the recruiting firm doesn’t have an open position for them so the recruiting firm can “build their hotlists”.

    • This has led to top candidates receiving 10-20 calls a day from recruiters. Obviously, they have stopped answering these calls, which is why our methodology focuses around cutting through this noise. More on this below.

  • Send mass emails to candidate lists. This also is another poor practice of recruiting firms that leads to candidates being spammed over email. We’ve heard too many times from candidates that they too often receive emails about positions that are nowhere close to relevant to their skill set or geography where they reside.

  • Ask candidates to meet with us face-to-face. While there are obvious advantages of vetting candidates in person, the geography in the markets we recruit in doesn’t allow for convenient face-to-face meetings. Top candidates don’t want to drive an hour for a meeting with a recruiter that isn’t an official interview. When recruiting firms require their recruiters to meet with candidates face-to-face before submitting them, they lose out on top talent. We take an alternative approach to video conference with candidates.

The 1872 recruiting & staff augmentation methodology

We’ve grown so quickly due to our quality approach and superior candidate delivery techniques. And we have plenty of references to back this up. Here are the keys to our success:

  • Train our recruiters on technology BEFORE we teach them how to recruit. By having recruiters that are intimately familiar with technology stacks, environments and how companies leverage technology, it allows us to provide better candidate experiences, thus attract better talent.

  • Target candidates in niche online communities. We avoid the job boards that most recruiting firms live on. We target talent on niche online communities such as Github, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn and other targeted user groups. This allows us to find candidates that other recruiting firms had no idea existed.

  • Send detailed information to candidates BEFORE we speak to them. Candidates are inundated with calls and messages from recruiters. In order to cut through the noise, we have to grab their attention. Thus, we leverage our intimate knowledge of technology to inform candidates on key selling points related to technology stacks, environments and our clients’ roadmaps in order to cut through the noise, grab candidate’s attention and deliver top candidates to our clients.

  • Don’t waste candidates’ time when we do speak to them. Many other recruiting firms have long checklists of irrelevant questions to ask candidates. We hone in on the key questions we need to ask to properly vet candidates, and then educate them on why they should be interested in the opportunity. Our efficient approach provides for a better candidate experience, allowing us to deliver top talent, while reducing candidate drop-out.

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