Your Milk’s Journey

Meet Bessi, the cow where your milk came from. Bessi was born on the July 9th, 2018, stands 1.5 meters tall and weighs 680 kg. Bessi enjoys grazing on grass and gracing the world with her delicious milk.

Trust the origin of your milk. All product information is stored on Blockchain making it impossible to manipulate.


Meet your cow, bessi

Your milk was squeezed out of Bessi on January 24th, 2019. It has been raining the past few days, so the grass was extra juicy which put Bessi in an especially positive mood, that is sure to give this milk the extra boost you need in life.


meet rachel, she squeezed your milk

Rachel grew up on a farm, and has been with ADL since 2012. Her passion for treating cows with compassion is what makes cows so happy to work with her to provide you with the milk you love.



- Squeezed on January 24th at 6:43am

- Prince Edward Island

- Non-GMO

- No synthetic pesticides or hormones



- Bottled on January 24th at 11:32am

- Bottled on Prince Edward Island

- No added flavors

- Bottled in a facility without nuts or soy


cold storage

- Stored on January 24th at 12:31pm

- Stored on Prince Edward Island

- Temperature of 4.4 degres Celsius

- Humidity of 38%