Recruiting services

Our commitment to our clients is embedded in our core values. We not only seek to provide our clients with the best candidates, but also aim to enhance your employment brand awareness & prestige in the markets you plan to hire for the foreseeable future. How we differentiate: 

  • We specialize in IT recruiting across the board, with a recent focus on deep tech
  • We started in Chicago, and still have a strong focus in the Greater Chicago Area
  • We provide our clients with supply & demand reports for various skill sets
  • We provide our clients with market compensation reports for various skill sets 
  • We conduct technology skills assessments for our candidates at no cost to our clients 
  • Through our sister company, NuCheck Investigations, we run background checks for the candidates we place at no cost to our clients

staff augmentation

We provide the same service level as we do for our recruiting services, for our staff augmentation business unit. We have a network of consultants in the U.S., and partner companies in Vietnam, Eastern Europe and South America that we've successfully delivered offshore resources through. 

  • No bench staff augmentation model, resulting in the same quality of consultant you'd get from an enterprise technology vendor, at a fraction of the cost 
  • Our team constantly refreshes their pipeline of consultants in skill sets across the board, so we can provide on-demand talent in time sensitive situations 
  • Talent available locally and offshore depending on your business needs 
  • We offer flexible terms if you desire to convert your consultant to a full time employee

how can we help? let us know and we'll reach out within 24 hours.  

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