1872 Consulting is attempting to rebuild the IT consulting and recruiting industry's reputation, like Chicago had to rebuild after the fire in 1872. Too many recruiters and IT consulting sales reps have been on the receiving end of critique for various reasons, which stem from a breakdown in core values and training at the large IT consulting and recruiting firms.

Our core business is IT recruitment and staff augmentation. While we recruit in all areas of IT, we have a focus on emerging technology and industry specific technology such as legal technology and ecommerce technology.

Through our passion for emerging technology and helping companies get products to market quickly, 1872 has invested in InstaCloud, which is automated and orchestrated cloud native infrastructure platform to streamline CI/CD pipelines with data-rich applications, and provision emerging technology such as Blockchain applications. 

1872 has also partnered with leading training firms to deliver bootcamps, to both companies and individuals, in a variety of emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Data Science and Cloud/Kubernetes.

Our Values

We value trust and communication above everything else. We believe trust is developed by consistently being a knowledgeable source for our clients and candidates. Being an IT staffing & consulting company, we expect our team to develop a strong understanding of the technology our clients and candidates use. Too many IT consulting and recruiting agencies focus on the number of cold calls made, versus investing in the professional development of their team to have more educated conversations with clients and candidates, to deliver deeper client and candidate satisfaction. We ensure our team has thorough technology training before we allow any of them to have conversations with clients or candidates. This leads to delivering better solutions to our clients, which will improve the tech community that we strive to improve everyday.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the perception of IT consulting and recruiting companies, and to help innovative companies get products to market quickly. We accomplish this by ensuring we only hire those who are passionate about technology, and have a firm belief in our core values. It's our goal to have the most knowledgeable recruiters and IT consultants so referrals continue to be the main source of new business development, and for us to develop new lines of business that serve our clients on multiple levels. If we continue to be successful, we believe we can change the negative perception the IT consulting and recruiting industry has developed over the last 20 years. 

What We've Achieved

  • 2014 - 1872 was launched by a group of IT recruiting & consulting professionals seeking to make a positive impact on the recruiting industry.

  • January, 2016 - 1872 partners with NuCheck Investigations, to offer background checking services along with staffing solutions.

  • November, 2017 - 1872 launches partnerships with leading emerging tech training companies to offer training services alongside its existing offerings. Including virtual courses for individuals to take in Blockchain Architecture, Hyperledger, Ethereum and Blockchain for Business Professionals.

  • January, 2018 - 1872 opens up its first downtown office at WeWork 20 W Kinzie.

  • June, 2018 - 1872 expands its recruiting team to better serve the tech community in Chicago.

  • October, 2018 - 1872 launches an initiative to help bridge talent gaps outside of just Chicago, to key markets such as NYC, SF and LA.

  • January, 2019 - 1872 invests in Instacloud.